delayed processing

I've always taken relatively long to fall asleep, up to an hour, even as a kid. As a kid, I was hopped up on child energy. As I've aged, I've been able to sleep easier, but still, the problems remains in a somewhat different way.

Like much of my generation, and likely much of the population, regardless of age, I spend my days on the computer, and phone. Listening to videos, and music. Watching and consuming much of my day. Although I try, I fail most days to pickup one of the many books I'm trying to read.

We all know about the addictive nature of computers and phones, so we need not delve into that. I'm more interested here in the effect that behavior is having on me.

There are certain things I call full-focus-tasks, some such tasks are: reading a book, writing, or writing code. The things that you can't watch TV and do at the same time. This is probably a lesson most of us learned in high school, that we can't really watch TV and do a math homework at the same time.

The relationship between those two things are what I find interesting; the constant stimulation, and full-focus-tasks. When I'm constantly stimulating, the things in my life don't get processed as they happen. When, let's say, I'm in a fight with a friend, we have a disagreement. This type of thing requires processing. Normally we catch up on such things in the shower, or driving around town. We idly listen to music, or wash our hair, and sort out how we feel about our fight, our position, etc.

With the 100% stimulation, it feels that I no longer give myself the processing time throughout the day. Thing build and build, and there is a constant stack of things lying unprocessed on the stack.

The most interesting part is when these sort of thoughts pop out of my head. For example, if I'm playing a game like Melee or Starcraft, there's no extra processing power to think about the problem, but when I sit down with a book, I lose myself in my thoughts over and over again. Similarly, sometimes when I sit down to write, the same happens.

Does everyone is having trouble with their full-focus-tasks, like myself? I do think I am particularly prone to distractions, and such, but I also can focus quite well. I find myself wondering if everyone is having the same type of delayed processing throughout their lives as well. I also wonder how much of this type of behavior is because of my own foibles, and how much is caused by technology. I'm sure that in a world 30 years ago, I would still display the same types of behavior, but if my stimulation came from books, rather than computers, I wonder how much more manageable this sort of thing would be.