in the age of online video

When I was in middle/high school, me and many of my friends were PC gamers. We would take the bus home, login to our Ventrilo server, and hangout, chat, and game from the time we got home to the time we went to bed.

Then, I grow up, go off to college and, for the most part, quit online games. Seems like those days of Ventrilo all day are behind us. I graduate, planning on getting a job -- so on & so forth. The plan is simple, but not easy. I have been applying to all sorts of jobs now, and I'm left with a few interviews and no opportunity (as of yet). But, no fretting, I'm not losing hope, and that isn't the point of this post.

It seems more and more of my time, and many of my friends' time is spent online with each other. In these weird corona times we're playing chess, codenames, or brokenpicturephone very often. What a joy!

In the past, for hours, my friends and I would (often silently) be in Ventrilo or TeamSpeak together, always quickly available to each other. But nowadays no one would sit in the room if not talking to each other. In the past, I would practice a game, listen to music, and still stay in voice channels.

Now, we watch movies, TV, and (primarily) YouTube videos while practicing. No longer do we sit in the voice channel in silence. For some reason more and more people leave to watch YouTube or Twitch alone. Personally, in 2019, Spotify Wrapped included listening time of past years. This year I've gone down again, some part of that is corona keeping us home, and music listening was often walking and driving, but also in those situations now I more often listen to YouTube (podcasts etc.).

I'm not sure if it's a bad thing, but it does feel sad sometimes that as soon as we're done playing video games together, my friends and I often split off into our own worlds of content consumption. In the age of online video, I suppose.