screenshotting 1 - a worthwhile addition
Once upon a time I used Gyazo, but now I get to use a brittle homebrewed system!
~4 min read
clojure blog 4: postgreSQL & JDBC
Wrapping together APIs isn't fun, but it's necessary (unfortunately).
~2 min read
clojure blog 3: quick hiccup run-through
Turns out that html is pretty important for a website.
~2 min read
clojure blog 2: HTTP routing (ring / compojure)
Can't have a website without the HTTP routing; Ring provides a nice core, Compojure builds it into something usable.
~3 min read
clojure blog 1: why clojure?
When I thought I wanted a blog I thought, "Why don't I just make my own?" So I did.
~1 min read